Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The One about Christmas and Car Batteries

So, it's almost Christmas .. and I've done .. NOTHING *beams* I usually have at least the tree up by now, but not this year .. there's nowhere to put it lol ... so, in the next few days I'm going to have to put up the christmas tree and go shopping, because of course .. procastinating queen than I am, I have not bought anything.

I always start out the year with the best intentions, make big complex plans about how I'm going to be so organized and be done buying for Christmas by October, November at the very latest ... then I regain consciousness and it's December 22 and I have to go shopping and buy everything in one fell swoop. and this year is no different ... the 22nd I'll be going shopping, fighting all the last minute shoppers ... all of us walking around in a daze wondering what twilight zone we've been in for the last 3 months and how it got so close to Christmas without us realizing it. Ah well .. I've just come to accept it. . it's my nature to wait until the very last minute and then run crazy through the store, snatching things up and guarding my cart, glaring at the passers by, baring my teeth and growling if they even look vaguely interested in whats I've got ... 'cause it was the last one on the shelf and the munchkin wants it! ...*grin* ... it wouldn't be Christmas without that ;)

lets see, what else ..

ohh I got a very exciting and in depth lecture on the inner workings of car batteries by CrazyMan. It seems that when ya let a car battery drain completely, so that it is so dead that the engine doesn't even TRY to turn over when ya turn the key, that there is some kind of chemical thing going on in there .. the acid separates from the water and sticks to some kind of plate thingamy and when ya get it recharged the chemicals poof back into the water and mix up like they're supposed to be. it's all magic *nods mysteriously*

I was also informed that every time you let the battery die that a little bit of the magic chemical stuff sticks to the plate and no amount of magic will bring it back into the water ... oh and also .. if it's cold .. like sub zero temperatures .. like it has been here .. that if the battery freezes while it's dead .. since all the chemicals have poofed onto the magic plate .. that the water freezing in the battery could cause it to expode, which, while it may be amusing and entertaining, is not so good for the car.

So, the moral of this story is .. don't let the battery die if you live in a cold climate unless you know some good voodoo magic to bring it back to life ... or at least that's what I got out of it.