Friday, June 2, 2006

Ooo Donuts!

Y'all ever have one of those days where you can't focus on any one thing long enough to accomplish anything .. even the simplest of tasks? I've been having that kind of day ... for about *looks at her watch* a year now, and it's getting progressively worse. I wonder sometimes if I might be losing my mind ..

A normal day for me (as if anything about me or my life is "normal," .. but lets pretend it is) goes kinda like this --

I drag myself out of bed, get Pookie off to school, and start working, trying not to fall asleep because of the lovely monotone that the physician is using to dictate. The longer I listen, the less I understand, and the more I'm muttering at the doctor -- and I realize that I've let my blood sugar bottom out because I haven't eaten.

My mind has, by this point, gone out to the store for a quart of milk without me.

So, I think .. food! that will help. I dash to the kitchen to forage for breakfast, but I have to wash a plate first, 'cause I didn't get to the dishes last night. So, after a half a sinkful of dishes are done, I realize I'm nearly out of dishwashing liquid and start a grocery list. It's silly to write one thing on the list, so I look around to see what else I need at the grocery ... and leave the list on the table, half written because the table is cluttered and I'll probably lose the list, so I clean it off and what do I find there but one of kenzie's socks. So, off to her bedroom I go to put the sock in the hamper, where there is a huge pile of laundry that needs to be done ..

so, I grab the hamper and go back to the laundry room with it, fill up the washer and I'm out of detergent, so I start a list of stuff I need and take it to the table, which is now clean .. and wow, there's already a list there. So I add detergent to the list and throw away the second list I've started, The trash is full so I have to take it out to the garage. On the way to the garage, I notice empty dog dishes, which of course need to be filled .. so I do that too and then remember suddenly that i was working and go back towards the computer, stopping to pick up a piece of trash that is on the coffee table, which needs to be dusted, and then of course the floor needs to be swept ... ooo work! So back at the computer, I type some more, get a few more reports done and remember, ooo I need to eat still, 'cause by now I'm really nasty grouchy from the drop in blood sugar and people have called and interrupted me and gotten their heads bitten off, chewed up and spit out which, while satisfying, really doesn't fill you up *grins*

So, off to the kitchen and I'm just gonna grab a piece of bread, because that's not terribly distracting and I can make it back to the computer without wandering off again. Ok, now I'm focused, I can do this! The bread helped, so my mind is calming down a little .. sorta. I'm zipping along with work, the doctors are a pain in the neck, but aren't they always? The patient drinks 4 cans of caffeinated soda a day .. hmm, I didn't get a drink, no wonder my mouth is so dry, but I can wait. The patient's therapy included relaxation techniques. She was told to imagine herself beside a waterfall *squirm -- did I use the bathroom yet today?* .. The patient was intoxicated (I could use a drink. hey I don't have a drink and I'm parched) -- ok that's it. I log out to run down the store, 'cause I'm out of soda and the caffeine would probably do me good. I'm just going for soda .. that's it. 10 minutes tops.

I run out to the garage .. the lawnmower is parked behind the blazer .. so I have to move that out by the tomato plants which need water ... but they can wait dangit, I have to go to the store. Why am I going to the store? I figure I'll remember when I get there ... so I run down the street, go in the store .. and its hot and i'm thirsty ..oh! soda, that's why I'm here. Grab the soda .. and ooooo donuts!!

But I don't need donuts, I had bread .. I'm good.

I run back home, park the blazer in the garage, which is a stinking mess, but it can wait .. pass the tomato plants, which still need water, but they can wait too, 'cause I have my soda and who cares if the tomato plants are thirsty, I have to work .. and I go back to the computer, where the screen is dusty and fingerprinted .. so I clean that and think how dirty the car windows were, but i'll clean them later.

--- The patient has a court date for driving on a revoked license.---

(hm, my registration is expired, I need to take care of that, but will do that later and leave myself a cryptic note about it, which will disappear because i'll never remember what i meant by "do reg" and throw it away).

I finish working by some small miracle and wait for Pookie to get home from school 'cause we have to go to Walmart (I've forgotten already that my registration is expired, which I've already gotten pulled over for once). While I'm waiting I grab the mail, where I have a notice that my car insurance needs to be renewed soon, but I'm going to switch insurance companies because this one is too flippin high and I found a cheaper one somewhere .... just have to remember who it was, so I toss the notice.

The munchkin bounces off the bus and we head to walmart .. When we get there, I have no idea what I need, 'cause the list is on the table still .. So I'm wracking my brain (which never really came back from going out for a quart of milk earlier) trying to remember why I'm there and what it was that I really needed.

Ok, stop .. breathe ..what did you need?

dishwashing liquid
toilet paper?

yep, I need those .. so off we go. But I need dog food .. and I'm starving 'cause I had a piece of bread at 9 this morning and it's now 4:30 .. so we go grab a frozen pizza for dinner 'cause I don't know what else we needed 'cause the list is not with me ... it's off somewhere with my brain probably.

did I ever start the washer? Or did I need detergent? No, I would remember if I needed detergent .. surely I started the washer while I was in there. I really think I need to see a doctor for this.. maybe it's just stress, or depression, or early Alzheimer's, or an aneurysm ... it's not normal to be so scatterbrained at my age .. is it?

so we came for pizza *nods*

ooo ... donuts!

no, don't need donuts, 'cause I got soda this morning, and had bread *nods again* So, we have pizza and soda .. what else did I need?

So, we leave .. with the pizza, which was not on the list at all - and no dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, dog food or toothpaste. My whole day is like this ... every day, so much to forget, so little time --

At the end of the day, the grocery list is still on the table, underneath whatever happens to clutter it, the laundry is still in the washer (which never got turned on because I had no detergent), the dog food is almost gone, the dishes are not done, the tomato plants have not been watered, the car windows are still dirty, the registration is still expired, whether or not I have insurance on the car is iffy 'cause I can't remember who i was going to switch to and my current policy expires soon, the garage door is standing open because I was going to mow the lawn before I put the lawnmower away, but forgot as soon as I stepped into the house, the carpets need to be vacuumed, we have to use a vice to squeeze the last of the toothpaste out of the tube, because I forgot to get it, we're down to the last quarter of a roll of toilet paper, and I have no dishwashing liquid and I have accomplished exactly .. nothing.

I figure I'll just head to bed and get some sleep .. 'cause tomorrow has got to be bett.......... oooo donuts! Hope my brain gets back with the milk soon.