Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I've Learned .. and excuses for yesterday

So, yeah, I know I missed yesterday .. zombie day. Why did I miss it, you ask? Well, because I -was- a zombie yesterday, and zombie's don't type. They can't, 'cause of the body parts all randomly falling off and stuff. *nods solemnly* that's my story and i'm stickin to it.

I was on the go from the time I got up yesterday until I passed out last night. I had to run out to the court house to get my registration all paid for and the property tax on the car. So, my registration is done. On time. Before on time. For the -first- time in .. well, ever. I have never ever gotten that registration done before it was expired and I'd been pulled over for it at least once. So I'm all proud of myself and stuff. Thanks to everyone that nagged, irritated, texted, IM'd and called me repeatedly to remind me to go do it lol. After that, I had to run down to the YMCA (does anyone else just break into song when they read that?) so we could get the membership going ... you get a workout just from going IN to the Y 'cause of the long long flight of stairs, up the hill, from the parking lot to the door. From there it was off to buy lettuce, 'cause ya know that's all I eat anymore (well, except for last week when I was full of the badness), then home to work on some graphics for a webpage I'm making for a friend's business ... a chocolate business .. oh the irony. Then, back to the Y with the kiddo, where I went up and down 5 flights of stairs about a million times (or ..4 times), plus the outside stairs, and did about 15 laps on the track (really. 15), then home where I had to cook dinner. And .. add to this that I was already sore from lugging around tons of dirt, and helping the munchkin chase packing peanuts all over the yard while the wind was blowing.

Yes, packing peanuts. No, don't ask.

So anyway .. that's why I didn't post yesterday. I got done with everything and passed out. My leg muscles are just screaming at me .. and it's very distracting .. they're loud.

So, on with today's things I've learned.

1. Four trips up and down a million stairs with a knee that is still not completely healed ... not the smartest thing I've ever done.

2. Seeing my little water baby all happy 'cause she gets to go to the pool every day ... totally worth the pain.

3. When you plan to pour packing peanuts into a bathtub that happens to be outside, make sure the wind isn't blowing.

4. Placing a box over one end of the tub does not keep the peanuts from blowing out.

5. It just creates a wind tunnel.

6. When packing peanuts blow all over the yard, it looks kind of like snow. Very unruly snow.

7. Catching and picking up said peanuts is a real pain.

8. Pouring dirt on top of peanuts is not really terribly easy. The dirt tends to sink below the peanuts, which sends them flying all over the yard. Again.

9. When I ask Pookie, after she's wandered aimlessly all over the house looking for her glasses, if they might happen to be in the case and she answers with "What case?" it kinda gives me a headache.

10. Pookie still, after all these years living with me, has the nerve to look shocked, after I've asked the exact same question 35 times in 3 different languages, when I finally get ticked off and yell it.

11. Pookie may not make it to her 11th birthday.

12. Even if it is only a couple weeks away.

13. Cops should be banned from the courthouse once a year, on the day I go to get my registration done.

14. They're distracting.

15. Working on a chocolatey website for a friend when one is not allowed to eat chocolate ... not fun.

16. Having said "Friend" ask me to hang out with them at the expo, surrounded by chocolate ... well that's just rude and wrong on about 75 different levels.

17. I have sadistic friends.


Crazy Charm said...

Haha .15 laps--too funny!

I honestly don't get your attraction to cops. When I see a cop, the only thing I can think about is, "Have I done anything recently that I could get arrested for?!"

Divine Chaos said...

lol it's not just any cops, just the WV State Troopers ... it's gotta be the uniform .. no clue why, maybe 'cause my favorite color is green and so is their uniform? I'm just REALLY attracted to green! *giggles*

Nyxmyst said...

I can't believe you didn't snap a picture of pookie chasing packing peanuts around the yard! ;)

Divine Chaos said...

i was busy dying!

Nyxmyst said...

You can die *and* take pictures. Be a talented zombie, damnit.

Tempestuous said...

Yes you DO have sadistic friends! *giggles, hugs the stuffin outta ya and steals it, refusing to give it back!*


heathersister said...

Where you going for a bubble bath effect???

15 laps- you go girl.

Divine Chaos said...

lol Michelle! No, I was going for the 'fill half the tub with peanuts to keep from having to fill it all with dirt' ... didn't work out exactly like I planned *grins* but it did work, eventually.

heathersister said...

Oh, I get it! *smacks hand on forehead* Great plan. Glad it worked for you. Let's see a picture after you finish! It will look great.