Saturday, April 4, 2009

first post of the day

it's a mere 9 hours before my house is taken over by the munchkin brigade ... an infiltration that will not end until some unknown time tomorrow.
Actually, I'm not sure I can call them munchkins anymore, they're getting rather tall, and loud .. .and they eat way more than munchkins. anyway, I don't actually have time to post, I'm just gonna leave a picture of the cake.

Which I did make myself.
this morning.
before work.

Which was a real pain in the butt.

but, it's cute :)


Paula aka. Zani said...

Don't worry Sis. We will make sure you get the room with the view and lots and lots of nice medications that will speed you on your way back to mental health... or as close as we can get.

On the good side.. the cake looks great!!!

Love you! *smooches*

P.S. Gotta change your profile since Pookie is OLDER now. =Þ

Paige Lacey said...

Omigosh! That's beautiful... Before work? You're a goddess!

BootSector said...

It's smeagol.
The order is smurf, muchkin, smeagol, elf, dementor and troll.

And god... I don't think I can eat a cake like that...
Reminds me so much of that story about living running cookies who run into a wolf.

heathersister said...

Great job on the cake. Can't wait to hear all the horror stories!!! Good luck.

You should get them scary movies then later scare the shit out of them. lol