Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Masochist is Me

I am a smart girl. I really am. I know I can be an airhead, I have a problem with short term memory loss a lot of the time, but all things considered, if I'm focused enough to stay on one subject, I am rather intelligent.

Today, you'd have never known it. I went to the gym to let the trainer at me again. Let me pause here to say, I look like I'm in absolutely terrible shape. I'm not. I'm in bad shape ..but not terrible. I've been doing some crunches, some arm stuff, and unloading trailers full of mulch with buckets (good exercise ... smelly, but good).

My trainer, bless her, was starting me light because she doesnt' want me to strain anything. Really, I could have done the ab stuff in my sleep and never noticed. That's how light. She was gradually pushing me further and further .. but really, I wasn't feeling it in the abs, and just feeling it mildly everywhere else. So .. back to today.

Today, she asks if my tummy has been sore.

Today, I said: "Nope, haven't felt a thing. What's up lady? Aren't you supposed to be hurting me?"


I want you to know, my gentle readers, after my workout today consisting of some treadmill, massive amounts of abs, arms, legs and chest work, I am typing this with the tip of my right pinky .. because that's the only thing -not- hurting.

She's out to get me now.

And I'm pretty sure she has a long memory.

and holy mackerel does that burn feel good.
I think I shall taunt her again tomorrow ;)


Paula said...

*falls over giggling* Yep.. you did it to yourself.

Silly Sis.. trainers live for people who do not think before asking them to "Bring it on!".

I love you. Maybe soak in a tub.. with the door closed.. lmao.


Paige Lacey said...

Lol. You should never criticize your trainer...

Divine Chaos said...

*grins* but I love that burn, Paige .. and she wasn't givin it to me. Now I've got that loverly ache allllll ovah.

except the lower abs.

I'll have to mention that tomorrow heheheheh

Captain Dumbass said...

Careful, she'll break you just to break you.