Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a woman thing ..

Have you ever waited until the very last second to do something that you know you're most likely going to need a bit of help with?  Every time I do that, I think .. hmm, it won't take that long, it can wait.   

I had to call my own personal tech support professionals yesterday.  My team is not always the most reliable bunch.  I left a message for the first one on the list, Brian.  He got back to me 3 hours later, after I'd called #2, Lux, and also #3, my dad, and was 5 minutes from having everything finished.  He's very prompt like that. :p

So, anyway, I had to call daddy and have him walk me through reformatting this stupid computer that I'm trying to get rid of.  A lady called and said she wanted it and, of course, even though it's been in the paper for sale for about 3 weeks now, I still hadn't thought to wipe it out and reformat so that all our personal information wouldn't be going to some redneck stranger. So, I had .. oh .. about 30 minutes.  So, I started with:

Hi, this is your daughter.   I have waited until the last second to do something and, well, I can't do it by myself.  So, I have 30 minutes to reformat this computer and it's partitioned weird.

When he stopped laughing .. daddy walked me through it. :p

I'll spare you all the gory details.  Suffice to say I had to reformat twice, because while he was saying "Ok, click on this" .. my brain tuned out at "click" and I was apparently clicking randomly on the wrong stuff.  That's what mom did when I was teaching her to use her computer. 

It went sort of like:

Me:  Ok, now click...

Mom:  *click click click click*

Me:  .... the "Inbox" ....  Wait!!  You're clicking the wrong stuff!  

By then we'd be 7 pages deep into somewhere way off course.  She does the same thing when she's driving.  She'll call me for directions, while she's out hunting the ever elusive yard-sale beast, and say something like, "I'm on A Street.  I need to get to L Street."  

I pull up mapquest and find a map for her so I can guide her to her next stop. 

Me:  "Ok, take a left onto B Street ..." 

Mom:   Oh, I'm over on S Street now. 

Me:  What?  You can't even get to S from A.  What did you do?

Mom:  Oh, I turned some places.

It's not just what she says, it's the way she says it.  She just sounds so innocent, like she has no clue that she's makin me crazy :p

So, anyway, daddy was telling me what to click, but my brain shut off at the word "click" and I'd be 3 windows deep into where I didn't need to be.  Luckily I usually talk myself through the clicks, out loud, so he kinda knew where I was while I was clicking the wrong stuff. 


But, we finally got it all sorted out. 

3 hours later.

After the second reformat. 

He says it must be a woman thing. 

*click click click*

Redneck Woman never did call me back .. so I called her back to let her know the computer was working fine and that I'd reformatted it so she could start clean if she still wanted it.  

She didn't answer.

About 2 hours later (we're all very prompt here in Redneck Central), she calls me back.  I answered the phone.

Me:  Hello?


Me:  ...? Excuse me?

Her:  WHO THE *()$&%) IS THIS?!

Me:  HEY!  Calm down!  YOU called ME a bit ago about a COMPUTER.

She was swearing like a drunken sailor on shore leave, but all I caught really was the word "husband" ... and then she hung up on me.

Ahh .. Rednecks.  

Gotta love 'em.


Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

ewwww i am anonymous...i love it...