Monday, October 31, 2005

Technicolor Rainbow

I decided to sit and write a bit before starting work this morning, mostly to take time to recup after Pookie left for school *grins* So here I am :)

Pookie brought home her report card last week, she was bouncing from the time she walked in the door until she finally got changed, had her homework done, and then came running into the living room to show me. STRAIGHT A's! She's so proud and so am I.

Now, you would think that a child that smart would be able to match things by color, wouldn't ya? Well .. this morning, we got up at 7 a.m., as usual (she's getting quicker at getting out of bed and it only takes her a short 45 minutes to get dressed now, as long as I remind her every 5 minutes what she's doing) .. so anyway .. up at 7 a.m., the munchkin rolled out bed like she had all the time in the world, as usual. I told her to get dressed and started getting her snacks together and found her little pink jacket, 'cause it's a little chilly out.

At about 7:15, I called into her room to see if she was dressed, she hollers back that she's putting on her socks and shoes and then she'll be ready *blinks* I was amazed.

She came out in a denim skirt and a blue shirt that has "Princess in Training" emblazoned across the front, a fuzzy pastel lavender hat and gloves *blinks* more amazement .. it matches, on the first try.

She grabbed some PopTarts (because she refuses to eat anything good like eggs or cereal or pancakes for breakfast, for some reason) and settled on the couch to eat. I'm still amazed that she's dressed so quick, but notice that she hasn't brushed her hair, she's just stuck the hat on her head, hoping I won't notice.

I grabbed the brush and did her hair while she ate .. slowly .. and when she was done, I handed her the jacket (pink, remember?) .. it matches the gloves & hat pretty well, nice pastel colors. We chat a bit while waiting for the bus .. hugs and kisses and I send her down the stairs when it gets here ... without them having to send someone up to fetch her (even more amazement).
As I watched her go down the stairs, the unusually loud clomping of her shoes drew my attention .....

I said .. "POOKIE! Why are you wearing THOSE shoes???"

She turned around, half way down the flight of stairs and grinned sooooo big, "well ... because I LIKE THEM" .. then giggled and ran the rest of the way and out the door before I could catch her to make her change.

Bright yellow socks and ....

ruby red shoes (the only think missing is the sparkles and they'd be Dorothy's from Wizard of Oz)

UGH My child is wearing a technicolor rainbow

*sighs & shakes her head*