Tuesday, November 1, 2005


So, 2 weeks ago Pookie told me she knew what she was gonna be for halloween .. a cat, she has the ears and tail already 'cause I usually get her halloween costumes to throw in her dress up chest after halloween, when they're all on 75% off clearance. So anyway, she's gonna be a cat .. easy enough. Black pants, black shirt, ears and tail, and painted face .. yay, something easy ....
I told her to make sure she got these things out so that we would know where they were and she smiled and said

"Oh I know right where they are mommy."

I believed her.

This was my first mistake.

I reminded her last week to find the things she needed if she hadn't changed her mind and she once again assured me that she knew right where they were. Obviously I was suffering from temporary insanity (or maybe that's permanent) and I said ..

"alright, as long as ya know where they are."

Fast forward to Monday morning.

We get up and get ready for school, she's ready early (see previous entry .. I'm still amazed). Anyway, I tell her to go get the ears & tail and she gives me a blank look.

I tell her again ... she says she doesn't know what I mean. *blinks*

I explained slowly ... THE C A T EARS and TAIL that you want to use for your costume tonight.

She looked confused and finally said "oh, I can't find them."

of course not. It's Halloween, why would she know where they are? They're lost in the black hole that is her bedroom .. the land of lostness. Soooooo ... I had to go out and find a costume .. ON Halloween .. which is darn near impossible. I went through 3 stores and rummaged through all the leftovers and came up with a wig, a robe, and a hat ... and was totally unoriginal about it because I was annoyed, tired, and in a hurry.

She got home from school at 5 and the first words out of her mouth were ... did you get the costume?? I said yep I had and she asked what it was.

"A witch."

"A witch?!" she looked a little disgusted. I dared her to complain and told her she was lucky I didn't send her out in her regular clothes and tell her to go as a disorganized child.

So, she got all dressed up and we took off .. stopped at the store for my sister to see her and took pictures. She refused to smile .. and then informed me that witches only smile when they're laughing *rolls eyes*

So off we went .. walked all over half of west virginia trick or treating. Pookie practiced her maniacal witch laugh and used it liberally throughout the evening *laughs* She was cute and had a good time .. and I'm thankful it's over now. Good ol' mom has to get in better shape by next halloween