Thursday, August 25, 2005

along for the ride

Ahh .. time for school to start again. Pookie goes back in 2 short days and she's so excited. She's all ready for it too, got the new backpack, new clothes 'cause the child just won't quit growing up, no matter how much I try to make her stop *grins*, got all the school supplies and her backpack is sitting next to the door, waiting ... lol

I just look at her some days and wonder where my baby went .. wasn't it just yesterday that she was an infant, laying in my arms, content to be held and cuddled and not wanting to be off and running? She's getting so grown up and the things that come out of her mouth sometimes .. just crack me up. She is still my best source of free entertainment :) but a little too smart for her own good I think lol. She got her standardized tests back from last year, scored between 3rd grade and 6th grade in all subjects ... and in 2 days she starts 2nd grade. I'm so proud of her *grins*

She's decided she likes her room better than mine now .. for the last year we pretty much traded rooms. She liked my bed better, I liked hers better ... then all of a sudden one day she decided she'd rather be in hers again. So, of course, I had to ask ..

"why'd you decide all of a sudden that you like your bed better now? just 'cause I said I did?"

she looked at me very seriously, then crawled up in my lap without a word, put her little hands on my cheeks and said ...

"have you ever heard of the winds of change?"

*blinks and dies laughing*

what do you say to that??? *laughs*

I thought for sure nothing she ever said would surprise me again after that .. it was priceless. But, just a few days ago she got me again. I can't remember the conversation, but I remember her reply to whatever it was that I said ...

"well mommy, you can put your boots in the oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits"

I gave up .. I was laughing too hard to say anything to her. *grins* there's no denying she's my daughter .. little smart aleck lol .. she's definitely got my genes. Every day with her is an adventure .. I'm just along for the ride, and what a ride it is.