Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things We've Learned

I think Nyxie had a good idea with her "What I've learned" post .. so I'm gonna follow suit and maybe post one every week too, 'cause it'll be fun :p So, here's what I've learned in the last week.

1. The "Spill-proof" sippy cups for babies are not spill proof when they are smashed onto a table upside down.

2. Or when they are flung across the room ..

3. Or out of the playpen.

4. No matter how much you paid for them.

5. Raspberry Crystal Light stains everything, counter tops, clothes, shoes, carpets, and the babies that are flinging it everywhere.

6. I'm pretty sure I'm almost over wanting to have another baby.

7. I'm too old for this

8. Quick-crete is pretty cool.

9. Unless you forget to take a gardening tool out of it.

10. It takes forever to get it out.

11. I should leave all carpentry jobs to my grandfather, or certain other males that may or may not be in my life in the future.

12. Teenagers are a pain in theneck.

13. Sometimes.

14. I probably owe my mother several years worth of apologies.

15. A twin-sized bed can hold a huge mountain of stuff without collapsing.

16. Children are brain damaged.

17. Said children become less brain damaged and can suddenly figure out quantum physics if it is standing between them and being able to leave the house.

18. The toilet never gets clogged until after the plunger has been "accidentally" thrown away.

19. Buying a new plunger makes the toilet flush, without having to use it.

20. Babies and toilets are not a good combination.

21. Children can do everything for themselves, until they realize you are awake ... then their brains mysteriously stop functioning.

22. If not told at least 75 times a day to take laundry to the laundry room, children will wait until it can walk in there by itself, fling itself into the washing machine, and beg to be washed.