Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I've Learned Recently .... Or Recently Remembered that I've Learned

1. Jumping out of bed without untangling your feet from the sheets first almost always ends in disaster.

2. I'm whiney when people tell me what to do when I'm tired .. and even more whiney when I'm asleep.

3. I can almost carry on an intelligible conversation when i'm asleep.

4. I won't remember this when I wake up.

5. This is usually not a good thing.

6. I can go to the store, pick up exactly what I'm there for, and be out in 10 minutes.

7. With 3 children along for the ride, the same trip takes 3 hours and 27 minutes, and includes 7 stops I didn't plan on.

8. The Burger King song my daughter sings with her friend makes me giggle every time.

9. Even after the 17th time in one day.

10. My friends don't like the Burger King song as much as I do.

11. When it's being sung on their voicemail by 2 very loud 10 year olds.

12. Volley balls have a mind of their own.

13. It's best to watch the ball when you're in the stands, instead of sending picture messages to people.

14. They sting a little when they whack ya in the head when shanked by a 5th grader trying to serve.

15. One good hit with a ball can knock the snappy-on case right off of the phone and send all the pieces sliding across the court.

16. The LG touch-screen phones are pretty durable *grins*

17. If you are missing a wheel on your desk chair, it's best to try to remember that when sitting in it.

18. If you lean back too far in a chair that is missing a wheel, it sends you flying top over teakettle into whatever is behind the chair.

19. My night stand is made of cherry ... it is very hard wood *rubs the back of her head*

20. If I wake up by 7 a.m., nobody calls me most of the day.

21. If I have the nerve to attempt to sleep until 9 a.m., I will receive 18 calls before 7:30.

22. My friends have Kaydar. They always know if I've just walked a room away from the phone, gone to the bathroom, or laid down to take a nap.

23. That is when they call.

24. . Cats can jump really high when they're surprised.

25. Cats don't much care for having someone stomp their foot right next to them, and yell "HEY"