Thursday, October 2, 2008

More things I've learned ..

1. Muttering "Die Devil Cowboys Die" at the TV while watching the game is probably a sign that I hang out with nyxie too much.

2. Threatening to stab someone in the ear with an ice pick is a SURE sign that I do.

3. When ya drive a stick-shift, talking on the phone, and trying to whap your daughter all at the same time doesn't work really well.

4. In the dark.

5. When you forgot to put your contacts in.

6. I really DO need my contacts after dark.

7. It's a good thing I drive a high-riding SUV .. 'cause the drainage ditches are deep.

8. Talking on the phone to someone I enjoy while driving gives me a lead foot.

9. 65 mph in a 45 mph zone is a bad thing.

10. I love Mean Bean Monster Java.

11. It loves me too. It gives me a caffeine buzz for about 9 hours. wooohoo!

12. Smiling for 4 days straight makes my jaw hurt.

13. When someone says the exact right thing, sometimes it makes me cry.

14. And grin.

15. At the same time

16. Crying and grinning at the same time makes people look at ya weird

17 ... and push their children behind them.

18. ....... and that makes me giggle.