Saturday, December 13, 2008


So, Nyxie thinks it's hysterical that I am arachnaphobic.

I can't get close to spiders ... 'cause .. eww. Just. Eww.

So, I hairspray them. Aussie Instant Freeze works best. I can hit them from about 4 feet away. So, when I see one, I spray it until it's little body freezes in place.

Why, you ask?

Because .. ha ha you little creepy bastard spider. Ha ha.

Of course, if they're on the ceiling, I can't reach them to stick 'em in the trash, so I need to go get the Webster to get them down. So, I go to get the Webster and I get sidetracked .. and do dishes, clean the kitchen, watch NCIS, read a book, take out the mailbox, and then I realize that there's a stiff spider hanging from the ceiling, so I go to get Webster .. and get sidetracked .. *ahem*
So, I've given up ... I keep the scarespiders around as a warning to others. There is 1 in almost every room *nods*

It works too .. no more spiders. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's winter.


Paula aka. Zani said...

omg.. I am so glad you are in my life. you totally crack me up and help me to realize that there really are people out there that are every bit as nuts as I am.. *falls over giggling*

Love you Sis!


Anonymous said...

Hairspray huh? I once covered a HUGE spider with a pot and sat there and watched the pot til my husband came home to kill it in fear that it would escape from said pot and eat me. Not sure hairspray would have worked on that sucker. It was like tarantula lite.

Divine Chaos said...

it woulda worked, Aussie Instant Freeze .. definitely lives up to its name. You can kill spiders, reattach table legs, freeze pictures to the walls .. no more nails! .. AND have the stiffest hair on the planet. ok I'm kidding about the table legs and pictures .. but still, woohoo spider killer!

Alice said...

This is great!!! I hate spiders too! I usually scream until my 3 year old comes running and takes care of it for me... If she is not there I can use this

bejewell said...

Um, did TatooedMinivanMom just say she killed a spider with POT?


Oh. She just trapped it with A pot.


Divine Chaos said...

lmao! yup .. killed that spider with pot .. it was pretty groovy. far out, man.

heathersister said...

I have used hairspray before and Lysol spary and Frebreeze and anything in an aerosole can I could find. Even if they were outside, in a web, on my porch.