Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I've Learned and some other stuffs

For those of you that loved the chocky brains from yesterday's zombie post, they are made by G&C Chocolates. They also have 1-pound chocolate (human) hearts and chocolate feet, for the chocoholic cannibal, I'm guessing. *grins* ...It says if you accumulate $500 in chocolate that you get a pass to the VIP section of the website. I'm not sure I would ever want $500 in chocolate, or that I want to be in the VIP section of that website, it's all very mysterious. It's probably a chocolate cult or something!

Anyway, today is Things I've learned day. I actually have themes for several days of the week, I don't think I've ever done them all in one week though, so I'm going to attempt it now, for the first time ever, without a net! erm .. uh .. yeah, we'll run with that.

1. I've learned that my daughter is as big a zombie freak as I am, now that I've let my zombie freakiness come to light. We snuggled and watched Resident Evil 3 last night, and she totally stole my "nom nom nom, braaaaiiinnnsss" line.

2. I've learned I'm not so much a "Dog Whisperer" as a "Dog .. Screamer," but I get my point across ... and, hey, exercising the lungs. That's good, right?

3. I quit smoking in mid-December .. and I'm still smoke free. I've learned that breathing is actually kinda cool .. and I can sing again, which is why the exercising the lungs thing is good. Right??

4. I can actually go for a week without seriously injuring myself. Ha Ha Nyxie, you said I couldn't do it!! *smack smack*

5. In the phrase, "Fine, busy." I can read a LOT into the space between the comma and the next word.

6. It shocks the person that typed it in the first place.

7. It was a big space....and it was the comma's fault. Comma boy should have used a different one.

8. Paula and Brian and I laugh a lot together.

9. Until my sides ache and my tummy hurts.

10. When one has laughed so hard that she can no longer breathe and is wheezing, and one goes for her inhaler, which she has not had a reason to use in four months ... and finds that the lid has popped off the inhaler so it is now full of dust .... one should try to rinse the dust out before inhaling.

11. Inhaling dust while wheezing from laughing so hard your sides hurt could be detrimental to one's health.

12. I almost died and it was all comma-boy's fault!

13. I am capable of getting my grocery list to the store with me.

14. I still won't use it, but I'm capable of getting it there!

15. I hate looking for a new job.

16. Nicotine has the opposite effect on me that it does on most. This is not somthing I've -just- learned ... but it is something I've -just- remembered.

17. Once the nicotine has all gotten out of my system, I only sleep for about 4.5 hours a night and I'm bouncing off the walls for a lot of the day.

18. Calling a friend and rattling off in his ear for 15 minutes without even taking a breath makes him stutter and you can just hear his jaw drop as he says, "I, uh, er ... I don't even know what to say to you right now. What are you ON?!"

19. Laying in bed for 2 hours muttering that you should NOT be awake at 5 in the morning doesn't do a lot of good.

20. Well it does a little good, I didn't call and wake Brian up at 5 in the morning, after all.

21. About the time that I fall back to sleep just out of sheer boredom because I have been actively fighting my body to keep it in bed, Her Pookieness will come into the room and say "Mom, I just missed the bus, can you give me a ride to school?"

22. She will leave out the "because I was putzing around with this envelope so that I can get a free Littlest Pet Shop pet and wasn't watching for the bus." part that belonged right before the second the comma.

23. It is 19 *($#)# degrees out there!!!!


aequitas said...

but at 19 degrees the zombies move slower than normal due to thier having to put on extra layers of clothes

Divine Chaos said...

true dat .. zombies can't live in cold climates. I guess that's why we're safe here .. not like you, out in the desert. *eyes you suspiciously*

for a different kind of girl said...

Congratulations on still being smoke free. That is fantastic!

Paula aka. Zani said...

I am sorry you inhaled dust.. but I am not sorry we laughed so hard your sides hurt. Comma-boy definitely needs to choose a more responsible comma next time. *shakes her head*

Glad the zombies are in warmer climates. Deserts are good places for zombies.. places like Las Vegas too.. not many brains to go nom nom nom to there though. Only a couple. Guess those people should run. *nods nods*

*smacks the Nyxie* See? I told you she could go over a week without hurting herself. Brian and I did it for her.. when we made her laugh so much. =]

*smooches* Loves..

Nyxmyst said...

I dunno.. gasping and wheezing and inhaling dust might count as a minor injury at the time, Paula. :P


Alice said...

Zombies scare me.... I am more of a Vampire kinda girl....and they can live in cold climates, you better watch out for those....

Paula aka. Zani said...

Minor injuries do not count. She did not break anything.. including herself. lol *pokes da nyxie cuz she can*

How about Friday Funnies? Something you saw or heard during the week that made you laugh. Video.. picture.. a joke.. whatever.


Divine Chaos said...

ooo perfect!

Switchin' da days around ;)

Nyxmyst said...

Does too count! *pokes da Paula*

My point was that she couldnt go a week without hurtin herself. A stubbed toe counts.. so does dying due to giggling. :P

Paula aka. Zani said...

No no no.. only major injuries count.. otherwise it would be pointless. She hurts herself in some way every five seconds. Puhleeze!

And she did not DIE.. she just ALMOST died.. git yer facks strate womin!

*smooches* loves..

Me said...

Re: #5... I'm more of a "Dog Curser" myself, but it's the dog's fault...really. ;-)

Nice blog, BTW.

aequitas said...

so can't you just see mike reno as a zombie? he would of course be wearing red spandex pants and michael jacksons thriller coat and attempting to sing along to R.E.M.'s "End of the World" although due to lack of fine motor skills the signs he would hold would fall more randomly and would probably read like this:
mm mm zombie brains
model trains
even rc airplanes
speeding lanes
and great danes
coldness for las vegans
its the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine.....except for losing body parts

Tempestuous said...

Re #20... *blinkblinks* ... why the hell not?! You know you'd have enjoyed it. *chuckles*

Maybe if you spend 500$ and get into the VIP section you learn that the chocolate brains and heart and feets aren't the only chocolate body parts, and, more importantly, they aren't =just= chocolate! *nods cinnamonly* Better be careful there, they probably tracked your interest and are on to you! *giggles*

Baby Sister said...

Awe.. no pearls for me?? Am I that awesome or is our whole family that crazy?

Dang! 19 degrees should not be legal!

And next time tell her pookiness to walk!

Congrats on the quitting btw!