Monday, March 2, 2009

We interrupted your regularly scheduled zombieness to bring you this breaking news story

I was sitting at my desk a while back, working. The house was quiet but for the sounds of my own fingers tapping on the keys, or, rather, rattling off like machine gun fire, to hear my friends tell it. Anyway, I was sitting there, alone in the house, my back to the door, lost my my own little world while I worked.

All of a sudden, I felt this odd sensation ... ya know how the hair on the back of your neck just all stands up at once and you get this full body shiver? Yeah, just like that. There was someone or something just boring a hole into the back of my neck.

My first thought, of course, was that it was a flesh-eating zombie (ha ha, got the zombies in here for Zombie Monday after all). I was properly horrifed by the thought of having a zombie standing there behind me. Ok, so actually I was kinda excited, but ya know, more horrified.

I stiffened and held my breath. All the normal house sounds seemed to just go silent all at once. My hands were poised over the keyboard, frozen mid key-stroke. Because, obviously, that's what you do when zombies are around, right? duh.

Then I heard it.


I turned slightly to look behind me.


I spunt the chair all the way around to face my stalker head on!


That's right ... I'm being stalked by a squeaky toy.

A squeaky toy and a little black dog.

My little squeaky stalker.

She used to sit out in the living room and squeak at me until I came to throw the toy. She just wants me to throw it once, then she's done. Usually.

I quit coming to see what all the racket was out in the living room, so now she comes to the bedroom, sits patiently behind me, and ... *squeaky squeaky*

The longer I ignore her, the louder and closer together the squeakies come. She stalks me all over the house with this thing. Just out of nowhere, she's suddenly behind me *squeaky squeaky*

If i ignore her, she follows me around the house. *squeaky squeaky squeaky squeaky squeaky*

There's even a puppy dance that goes with it. Imagine the Snoopy dance of joy, to a squeaky soundtrack.

I find myself marching to the beat of the squeakness. It's really irritating, adorable, and ridiculous all at the same time. lol

Yep, my little squeaky stalker, she's so cute I wanna strangle her. :)


Tempestuous said...

*squeees softly* That was adorable! And a fantastic pic too! *grins*


heathersister said...

Awe, lit cutie. They are worse than kids sometimes!

for a different kind of girl said...

So cute! Love that she searches you out to play. It's like having a furry toddler, isn't it?


Nyxmyst said...

Oh gods, that's an adorible picture. I love the squeaky stalker. Hearing her stalk you while we're on the phone makes me giggle... lots.

Lots and lots

*squeaky squeaky*

Chef E said...

What a cute story...saw you on 'Gumbo' and checking out sites...