Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tagged meme

So, I got tagged with this Tagged 8 meme thing from Paula, which I'm going to assume was a hint that I should post something *grins* So, here goes ;)

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Vacation time in July.
2. School being out so Mini Me and I can enjoy the summer.
3. Getting my new (to me) laptop, which my loverly iggy decided to give me.
4. My sister's wedding in August. Not real thrilled about wearing a dress. A yellow dress. But, still thrilled for her :)
5. Getting my flower garden finished so it can bloom and bloom and bloom :)
6. The release of GRR Martin's new book.
7. The release of KE Mills new book.
8. The new Harry Potter movie!

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Worked.
2. Teased Pookie about the car door "falling on her leg."
3. Cooked dinner with the munchkin.
4. Watched Bones.
5. Exercised.
6. Read Turning Paige and caught up with her.
7. Flipped the mattress.
8. Took out the trash.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Win the lottery so I could ..
2. Pay off all my family's mortgages, and
3. Send the baby sister and the munchkin to college, and
4. Supply new cars for everyone and
5. Take Pookie on a cruise, 'cause she's dying to do that, and
6. Buy my mother's store to give her the pleasure of watching it bulldozed to the ground, and
7. Be able to help out Pervy with his business more because ..
8. I wouldn't have to do transcription anymore if I won the lottery!

Eight TV shows I watch:
1. House.
2. Will & Grace.
3. Charmed.
4. Bones.
5. Law & Order.
6. NCIS.
7. How I Met Your Mother.
8. House of Payne.

Eight people I tag:
Ok, well, I'm not tagging people because, frankly, I don't have time to do it lol.

If y'all read and wanna do this, that would be cool! If not, I totally understand ... I just needed a break from work, so I did it (yanno, that and Paula made me) *grins*


Paula said...

Yeah.. I am subtle like that.. I am. *nods all solemn-like*

Yeah.. winning the lottery would fix it. I like that idea. It would be cool if it was enough to take care of my family and BFFs. =]

Phat Mama said...

Kay!! *kisses your best parts*

I love me some Will & Grace!!

Paige Lacey said...

You're so cool. I'll bet you look great in that yellow dress! :o)

Divine Chaos said...

hehe *snugs da Paula*

PMama!! (is that like PDiddy??) I lovvveee W&G, or WaG as Karen would call them *grins* I watch them every day .. at least twice!

Paige, yellow is SO not my color, unless I'm really really tan. Otherwise it just makes me look a lighter whiter shade of pale. In the pictures, I'll be the washed out one that looks kinda transparent .. in a yellow dress *giggles*

BootSector said...

Uh uh...
*will's look and tone*

Yellow could be great if the style and fabric suits you.
It's not just the colour.