Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Ramblings

So, there I was, enjoying a scalding hot shower, just letting the water beat on my sore, sore muscles. It was my first uninterrupted shower in a week. Not my first shower in a week, just the first one that didn't include someone popping their head into the bathroom to send a barrage of questions over the shower curtain. Needless to say, I was loving my solitary shower time ... totally a Calgon moment .. even though Calgon is more for baths than showers .. but I don't really like baths. Erm.. anyway ... there I was, my muscles were relaxing, the ache was melting a bit under the water and all of a sudden, there he was. Furry little 8-legged freak dropped down on his silken web right in front of my face. I shrieked and realized with my very first movement that my daughter had been using my vanilla buttercream sugar scrub in the tub. For those of you that don't know, vanilla buttercream sugar scrub is -very- slippery. I slid across the tub, slammed my face into the wall Right.Next.To. that hairy little freak, shrieked again, clawed at the shower curtain and finally got out alive. There was no hairspray, so I had to drown it with mousse. He had lots of body as he took his ride down the septic seaway.

By the way, after writing and posting this .. I've come to the conclusion that this spider must have been a kid still .. since he just -had- to interrupt me in the shower. Just thought I'd share that.

My $300 car had some technical difficulties on the day of Teacher's wedding. She decided she was tired and just quit on the way there. Shocker, huh? I guess it was partially my fault. Well, the break down was not my fault, that was just simple mechanics. However, it may possibly be partially my fault that I wasn't prepared for it. It's been doing weird stuff for months now and I did what any responsible car owner would do when they hear strange noises coming from the car. I turned the radio up.

Apparently, as I've been told several times in the last week, turning the radio up does not keep the fuel pump from crapping out, which was information that would have been useful a couple weeks ago, so I got stranded halfway between here and  my hometown, and had to call the cavalry to rescue me. After calling several different parts stores on the Monday after the wedding, I finally found the part I needed and my mechanic got it all fixed up for me, 'cause he's cool like that. He always treats me like I'm his kid when he has to fix something for me. This time was no exception. He brought the Blazer to me when he was done and gave me instructions to keep at least a quarter tank of gas and preferably a half tank, at all times, to keep the fuel pump from burning up again. I, of course, hung on his every word and will make sure to do just that ... never you mind that my gas gauge is hovering around the E ;)

My day is ending now with a spectacular lightning show outside my window. The streaks of light are making the drops of water glitter on the picture window, the rain is drumming on the roof, thunder is shaking the house ... I love thunderstorms :) and now, off to bed i go .. ni ni !


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Death by mousse! Love it. I guess kid spider would have been stiff anyway.

Paige Lacey said...

Funny! You poor thing, though. You've had a rough week.

Not as rough as the spider's, but you know, he totally had it coming...