Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Randomness

After I posted on Thursday, my grandpa went out to talk to the heating/air conditioning guys that were supposed to be coming out to give me heat. You know, the ones that said that it would be next Thursday before they could get the parts in, remember? Anyway, the guy that owns this company was actually my grandfather's student back in the day. Grandpa taught heating and air conditioning at the Vo-Tech. Grandpa told the dude that he would call his friend, who is the supplier of the parts that they needed .. and he was very nicely told by Snotty Heating Dude that unless his "Friend had magical powers" that the part was not going to come any faster. Mmhmm.

So, a few hours later, my phone rang and I was very nicely told by my friendly neighborhood heat thingamy fixer-upper (not the snotty one, but one of the little worker bees, who actually is quite nice) that he had gone by the warehouse and "miraculously" the parts were there, all ready for him. So, he came out and fixed us up that evening before he went home. He seemed genuinely shocked that the parts were there so fast and said that he didn't know what happened, but he was glad to get my heat fixed for me. I told him my grandpa has super powers .. that's how it happened :-)

So, anyway, now that I have heat .. I've done about 700 loads of laundry.

Yes, all that laundry piled up in 2 days. I blame the lack of heat.


Oh and I also decided to makes some rolls from scratch, 'cause I'm domestic like that sometimes. I made Pookie help me and after the first little bit of whining, she decided that it was fun to knead the dough :p

Don't they look nummy?

what's that spotted thing, you ask? Why, it's my Holstein teapot. It goes with the rest of the farmy/coca cola kinda thing going on in my kitchen :) Weird mix, I know .. but it works :)

Oh, and go watch this. It's kinda really cool .. if ya like that kind of thing, which I do .. which is why I'm showing you :p


Paige Lacey said...

Glad to hear you have heat! I love your tea kettle!!!

Shana said...

Heat is good.

The flute guy is cool