Thursday, October 1, 2009

No problem .. we're cool.

I watched 300 for the 2nd .. or 12th .. time last night. I let the kidling watch it with me 'cause she likes blood and guts and gore and violence ... and 'cause nobody should ever be denied hearing Gerard Butler shrieking "THIS .... IS ...... SPARTAAAAAAA!!!"

ok, so that is not quite like the movie, but it makes me giggle.

So, anyway, we were cuddled up in bed watching 300 ... and why were we cuddled up in bed, you ask? Why, because we have no heat .. that's why. The heat pump went kerflooey in the most kerflooeyest way. Apparently, the blower motor became unbalanced somehow and because it was unbalanced, it broke the bracket that was holding it up and shot it off the side of the unit and it fall down go boom. Then, yucky burnt plastic smell came through the vents and I had to turn it off. It took the guys 2 days to come out here and check it out. TWO days. the first night was not so bad, it stayed around 65 in the house .. yay insulation!

The second night .. not so great. It only got up to about 55 during the day outside, so no extra heat from the warm warm sun. We woke up to a 61 degree house. The grandparents came over yesterday to bring us some space heaters, which was quite kind since the temperature dropped to 38 last night. We were nice and cozy warm though .. We've closed off the back end of the house where the bedrooms are and have the heaters running, keeping it about 70 back here. Of course, if we want something to eat, we have to bundle up like eskimos to go to the kitchen.

So, dude comes out yesterday, finds the problem, carries off the blower motor and says he has to order parts.

Of course he has to order them. Why would they keep them in stock, at the beginning of winter? Why would they ever want to have parts IN STOCK so they can fix HEATERS ... in the WINTER? I know, it's crazy to me too.

So, anyway, they have 2 parts in stock, but not the 3rd and obviously most important one. The brackets. It's going to take 5 business days to get the bracket.

Yes. FIVE.

I have no heat until the end of next week.

Well, except the space heaters. So, to be fair, I guess what I should say is ... We are confined to the bedrooms and bathroom until the end of next week. ARGH.

But .. no problem, we're cool. teehee .. ok yeah, that was bad, even for me :p

Anyway, I told you that story to tell you this.

I've discovered why it is that the Spartans were always so angry.

They were cold.

As tough as they were already, how tough do you suppose they would have been if they had been wearing armor instead of spandex man panties and superman capes? If they had been a bit warmer and more covered up, they probably would have been unstoppable.

Or, maybe they just needed a hug.

I'm going with the warmth and armor thing though.


BellaDaddy said...

"kerflooey & kerflooeyest"...= ROFLMAO...and I thought we were the only ones that yused gibbersih as nouns and adjectives :-)

Love it!

Divine Chaos said...

LOL not a chance, darlin. We have a cat named Ryuuutarunga Argakongatangaflurgle .. trust me, gibberish is a big part of our conversations in this house LOL

Irish Gumbo said...

No heat = no good. Good luck and godspeed on the brackets!

(bowing) Thank you for your visit! And may I say, my dear Chaos, "word garden" is an absolutely lovely turn of phrase :)

Peace (and heat),

Tempestuous said...

*giggles* I've got the loverliest image of Eskimo kitchen raids now..