Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a little Thursday post

Alrighty, my first ever, super-dee-duper review will be coming up soon!  I found a website that sends free books for review.  You can find the link for the website over in the sidebar .. big blue button, ya can't miss it.  If you'd like to check them out and maybe review a book of your very own, run on over there and sign up.  They have a quick registration page, then a few books that are up for review for you to choose from once you are accepted.  I'm currently awaiting, ever so patiently, "Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go," by Lucille O'Neal (Shaq's mom). 

In other news, I have the LG Tritan cell phone with the touch screen and would like to caution anyone that decides to get this phone that you HAVE to lock the screen when you stick it in your pocket or your purse, or anywhere really, or you'll be butt-dialing people all the time lol .. Sorry Paige!!  I have no idea how many people I've dialed accidentally .. it's getting a bit ridiculous though :p

I have also decided it's back to the gym for us.  We tried to get back into it a little while back, but it just kept snowing and snowing and we couldn't get there.  The snow is finally through with us, I believe, so we're going back.  I have irritated, poked and prodded my friend Amy over at Harvest For Tomorrow to come with me, and she has succumbed to my irritating annoying nagging charm and says she's going to come with.  She and the kids might even take a road trip with us in August .. .which would be great blog fodder!  LOL

I'm off to lounge on the couch in front of the tv ... do homework, but I'll be back soon with reviews and giveaways and stories from the dark side gym adventures!


Self Sagacity said...

Hi, I feel the same way about the gym! Nice to meet you and glad you stopped by for the visit today:-)

Genevieve said...

Sweet blog SITS sista! Glad I found you. Love the sec selection!