Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

The summer has just flown by, hasn't it??  Pookie was just saying yesterday that she can't believe her summer is over.  I'm always glad to see the school year begin, not because I want her out of the house but because I'm happy she'll be home again!   I could do without all the homework that the teachers make the parents do in the first week, but I suppose I can manage to fill out a few thousand forms without hurting anyone too badly.  She, of course, did not get the form back to the school last year for being in the band, so she isn't assigned to band this year .. which means more forms and probably a trip to the school to rearrange her schedule.

Pookie worked for my mom this summer and saved up her paychecks so she could buy .... a drum set.  Oh joy! We haven't found one yet, but we're looking for second hand set .. and then I'll be looking for donations of Tylenol, earplugs, and possibly a tranquilizer gun.

I just switched back to a midnight shift, which is not making me dance with joy, but that's where the work is, so that's where I'll be.  Production based work is a real pain in the patootie.  I -just- got used to being on a day shift after years of midnights!  Just in the last year .. it only took FOUR years to re-acclimate to being up during the days, now I'm right back to midnights again.  Grrr.  I just keep chanting to myself, "only 2-1/2 more years."

I'm obsessed with a new comedian, Danny Bhoy. I DVR'd this show, Subject to Change, and haven't been able to make myself delete it yet.  Is it possible, d'ya think, to wear out a DVR from watching a recorded show too much?

anyway, hopefully we'll be back into some kind of groove soon with school starting and all, and I may even have time to blog when I actually have the brain power to do it!  Won't that be exciting?  lol


Irish Gumbo said...

Yes, it will be exciting! Too bad about the midnight shift, but then again I fully understand about going where the work is. I've been laid off for nearly three months now, so I'm all about going where the work is :)

And did you update your profile picture? If so, well, whew! Looking good. maybe even a tad sultry ;)

Divine Chaos said...

I've done years of midnights, so I suppose that a couple more while I finish my BA won't be too terribly horrible ... though I will whine about it anyway sometimes LOL

I did update the pic when I got all the hair chopped off! Thankies thankies ... I do love a sweet talker *grins*

Paula said...

About damned time, Woman! Glad you are back to writing. I missed reading your blog. Yes I know I talk with you almost daily.. but still.

I will do my best to help you stay awake.. until I fall asleep myself. No more pounding the Monster Java either.. you know that makes you twitchy. Okay.. more twitchy.

I am happy school is back in too. It was a weird summer.

Love you, Sis!