Friday, January 14, 2011

A Favor...

I know I've been gone forever and a day and only gave y'all a quickie, but if anyone happens to see this I need a favor!  My super cute, super sweet cousin is Jimmy Fallon's biggest fan and has been petitioning to get on his show so she can be in one of the sketches. She was interviewed by one of Chicago's radio stations just a couple nights ago about this even!  She has a Facebook page dedicated to this and is trying to get to 300 members.  She is only 3 shy of this number right now.  I would like to see her get even higher than that!  If anyone has Facebook and would like to help her out (and really, why wouldn't you? She's adorable.) go to Help Stephanie Get On The Jimmy Fallon Show and join her page! That's it! You can even hide the feed afterwards if you like, all she needs is warm bodies to push the count up. Tell her Sheli sent you, yanno, if you want to -- or just join and don't post at all.  =)  Tell your friends, bully your neighbors, do whatever it takes, but lets get my girl some members.  She's shooting for 300 right now, but I think 500 is a good number, don't you?

Hey, I might even make a real post later!  My class load is not nearly as difficult as the last semester so I have some brain power left at the end of the day.  It's kinda awesome ;)  So, y'all click on Stephie's page, tell your friends, bully your neighbors, grab people off the street .. let's see if we can get her up to 500 :)

Loves & stuff!


Karen said...

Hi, I am a follower/lurker that is coming out now! LOL

I joined Stephanie's quest to get on the show and WOW I was number 300!

I will comment more now!

Nice to meet you!

Divine Chaos said...

So very cool of you! Thanks so much, she'll be tickled pink! Nice to meet you, too! My New Year's Resolution (a couple weeks late) is to post more lol