Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sit, Tiny, Sit.

This is Tiny

Tiny is 5 months old, very playful and strong as an ox. 

Tiny needs to have outside time every day so he can play and run off the
outrageous amount of energy that a 5 month old puppy has. 

We have a huge yard for Tiny to play in, but since I mowed through
the underground fence last summer and won't be able to re-run
new wire until spring has sprung, he has to be on a tie-out for a 
few hours a day to get in his play time.  His tie-out cable is 30 feet long, which 
gives him a 60 foot radius to play in.

Apparently, he was done being outside after a couple hours today and 
decided that it was time to come in.

He was nice enough to pull the whole stake up for me, instead of 
breaking the cable.  He came to the window where I go to check on him
and was also nice enough to tie himself back up (all around the sawhorse). 

So, of course I had to take a picture before I untangled him. 

I went back inside to grab his leash so I could bring him in, came right back
out and there he was .... sawhorse and all, doing his best to keep me from having to
come back out after him.

What a good boy he is ;)