Friday, August 27, 2004

car dancing

Ahh it's a lovely day today, perfect temperature outside .. warm, but not hot .. breeze, but not a gale .. just .. perfect. Pookie has decided that brunch is the way to go now, instead of breakfast and lunch ... instead she has brunch and lunch lmbo .. so she decided she wanted to go see her Nana and make her cook for us ... so we did.

We ran over to the store and before we were even out of the car i could smell the horrid smell of .. bleh .. salmon *shudders* My mother was cooking .. I don't mean making deli stuff .. I mean cooking .. everything she could think of. She's on a roll. My sisters start back to college next week and everything will be hectic when they go .. 'cause they can't work at the store so much during the school year .. so schedules have to change, my mom and Crazy will go back to 16 hour days for the most part .. so mom is cooking up everything she can think of and putting it in the freezer .. so all they have to do is thaw and inhale for the next month.

Sooo we go running in the store, Pookie says she wants .. for brunch .. a hotdog *laughs* my mom says Teacher has to make it .. 'cause .. SHE'S COOKING. Teacher tells her that since she's already cooking, what's a couple hotdogs? She says she can't put them in the freezer so she's not making them. I told her she could stick 'em in the freezer .. but she didn't go for it lol

she was actually in a good mood today .. i think it's the delirium from her cooking frenzy. I haven't seen her or talked to her for a week or two .. but it's nice to see her in a good mood .. on those rare occasions. Not that she's always grouchy .. just not usually so much fun. I like hanging with her when she's silly :)

we went for a short drive after picking up some grub .. my car has a lovely oil leak .. and i believe an exhaust leak too .. but the smoke gives me cover from the cops noticing that my inspection sticker is dead LOL .. makes me feel kinda like Elvis when I step outta the car .. amidst a billow of smoke .. I subconsciously curl my lip and hum the little song ... and then start giggling and make everyone wonder whats the matter with me .. .

but anyway .. we went for a drive lol .. just up to the lake, not far .. but it was nice to get out of town, even for 30 minutes .. away from all the hateful people in this crappy little town, away from the broken down buildings and cobblestone streets full of potholes that could swallow my boat of a car .. the air smells so nice today, like fresh sunshine .. the trees are so full .. and the lake so peaceful now that all the tourists have gone home and the kids are back in school *sighs contentedly* the only thing breaking the silence was the radio .. and my own giggling as i glanced in the rear view and saw ... Pookie bobbing her little head in time to the music .. much like her mama in the front seat .. *grins* 'cause my girl has rhythm ... and we car danced all the way home