Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seven Miles

... and why is this my breakfast, you ask, instead of yummy left over beef & brocolli or General Tso's chicken?? Well let me just tell you why ..

There are a bazillion and a half Chinese places here, but only one of them delivers. One. Only One. I know, it's crazy! I'm sick, I can't go out yet, it's been too chilly .. so I had to do delivery .. Dominos instead of Chinese *le sigh*

Anyway, soon after moving back here to my town, I called the Chinese restaurant for a delivery order. I've always loved them, they are hands down the best Chinese place in town .. and they deliver .. bonus! I was informed that they will not deliver to my neighborhood.


The conversation went like this:
YC: Tink yu por carring, whatchoo rike?
Me: I'd like to place a delivery order to 222 South Nowhere.
YC: I solly we no deriver dere. We meet yu et da Sunnyco station.
Me: It's the same distance from there to Sunoco as from there to here.
YC: Solly we no deriver dere, Sunnyco okay .. whatchoo rike?
Me: Um, no, I'm not driving to the Sunoco. If you make a left at the intersection its the same distance. 7 miles from you to me, or 7 miles from you to Sunoco.
YC: Yes but we no deriver dere, is too fah.
Me: Too far? It's the S A M E distance!
YC: Yes too fah .. yu wan a egg rorr ... a nice won ton soup?
Me: No, no I don't want egg rolls or won ton soup, I want you to deliver to my house, which is the same 7 mile distance as the Sunoco station, instead of making ME drive 8 miles to come and get it. If I was going to do that, I'd just drive out there and pick it up.
YC: ok ok you pick up?
Me: NO I'm not picking it up .. why the heck don't you deliver out here? All you have to do is go the same 7 miles with a left hand turn instead of right. Does your car not make left-hand turns?
YC: I solly .. we no deriver dere
Me: *click*

I have called them about once a month for the last 3 years just to hear this explanation over and over again because it is so mindboggling to me. I'm not going over there just on general principles ... I'll eat at the the less yummy goodness Chinese place just because those idiots can't understand that it's still 7 miles .. no matter which way they go. 7 miles. *arghs*

So, anyway, that is why that is my breakfast ..

and sheer boredom and cabin fever is why .....