Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I've Learned .. Halloween Edition

1. When you take something outside to spray-paint it to keep the fumes out of the house, it's kinda stupid  to bring it in the house to dry.

2. Paint fume buzzes are fun!! weeeee

3. The headache afterwards won't be fun at all.

4. I know this 'cause I've done this before.

5. You'd think I'd learn.

6. When it's 40 degrees outside, it's too cold to open the windows to get the fumes out.

7. Once the fumes are inside, you can't make them go away by taking the painted thing back outside.

8. The neighbors look at you funny when you are taking a little painted cardboard sign in and out of the house and gasping for breath every time you step out on the porch.

9. I get distracted easily ... yes, I know .. but it bears repeating.

10. Spray-painting a cardboard sign for my daughter for halloween leads to spray painting the hand rail on the porch steps ..

11. And the porch posts.

12. And the spiders living on the steps.

13. And the side of the porch steps ...

14. And then I realize I was just stopping work for 10 minutes to paint a sign but have been spray painting everything for the last 30 minutes.

15. I also realize there are little white paint splotches all over the cement steps where I was killing spiders.

16. Yesh, I'm a dork.

17. It's hard to get finger paint to stick to wet spray paint.

18. Blow drying a spray painted sign in the house makes more fumes.

19. And makes the finger paints run a little

20. And then you have to start over.

21. Spray glitter accidents are very sparkly.

22. Trying to spray glitter on a sign while walking through the house to put the sign on the table ... stupid. Really stupid.

23. Paint fumes + sciatica flare up which causes leg to stop working at intermittent intervals + giggle fit when one falls over from leg giving out + spray glitter = very sparkly house.