Saturday, October 4, 2008

Growing up, lace thongs and witnesses

My daughter and I went clothes shopping a little while back. She insisted on going to this trendy teenager-targeted store because that's where Princess gets all her cool clothes. I actually like the store and they have some really cute stuff, so I took her there. We got her some hip huggers and some shirts that she just -had- to have. Now, the hip huggers were posing a bit of a problem because my grandmother has always bought the child's undies .. and of course, she gets the ones that come up under her armpits .. so every time she bends over her panties are showing .. under regular pants. The hip huggers were showing off her lovely full body panties all the time. So, because I like 'em, I told her we'd get her some of the boy shorts and that would take care of the problem. She was all excited 'cause .. yanno .. no more granny panties for the 10 year old .. totally stoked. There's a huge bin of panties there. Huge. They're 99 cents each. Not the best in the world, obviously, but good enough for kids. So, I grabbed a couple pair for her, and showed her .. told her to go through the bin and find a bunch more in that style.

Pookie: Ooooo these are cute, I love them. *digs out about 50 pair of the boy shorts*

Me: Yep, just get like 10 .. that'll do for now, we'll come back later and clean them out when I have time to stand here forever searching through the unending panty abyss.

Pookie: *holds up a black lace thong, totally see through ... huge grin on her face* I want these, can I get these?

Me: *nearly has a heart attack* Um .. how about no? *snatches them and stuffs them way down in the bottom of the bin*

Pookie: But I like black .. *starts digging again and comes up with an even smaller, red lace see through thong* How about this one? *waves it around above her head trying to get my attention*

Me: *loudly* LOOK .. I'm willing to let you grow up a little, but not quite that much .. step away from the thong! Lets not give mom a heart attack, ok?

Pookie: Ok mom, don't have a cow. *holds up a little quarter-sized scrap of blue material that is a G-string* How about this?

Me: Don't make me beat you, there are too many witnesses here.

Store Clerk: *dies laughing behind the counter*

yeah, clothes shopping is so much fun. The clerks love to see us coming lol