Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving with Kay's Family

(I'm Kay, by the way .. for my family members that don't know me as Kay LOL)

Thanksgiving with my family is never dull and this year was no exception. It wasn't as crazy as it usually is .. but, we did have a good time.

After the usual days of deciding what time we would have dinner, we settled on 6. We always settle on 6, but it's some kind of law that we have to discuss it for an entire week beforehand.

Thanksgiving rolls around and I get a call at 8:30 in the morning to tell me that we've changed dinner to 5, so I'm being called at 8:30 in the morning so I have plenty of time to leave by 4.  So, I log in to work .. to find out there is no work, which is also pretty normal. Doctors don't dictate on holidays, because they don't feel patient's are important on that day. This is fine with me, I didn't want to work anyway :)

I spent my day lounging around, talking to Nyxie on the phone and surfing the internet. 2:30 rolls around and I realized I don't have anything to wear to dinner, so I figured I probably should do some laundry. Got the laundry washed and while it was in the dryer, I found some clothes ..... so those close are still in the dryer lol Anyway ... I called Nyxie back as I was driving and made her talk to me for a while .. until I went through the dead zone and lost her *sighs* had to do the last 30 minutes without anyone to talk to, which sucked .. a lot.

Thankfully all the snow is gone now and the roads were relatively dry and not as horrible as usual. I got to my mother's house in record time .. .I was only 5 minutes late lol. I hurdled the dogs that were wiggling and barking and begging for some lovins before I went in the house, made it up the stairs ... without falling *yay* .. grabbed a few green beans out of the pot and settled in to talk to the munchkin, who's been there all week, and my mom and sister. Mom says we're eating at 6. We were going to eat at five, but the other sister's boyfriend's family was having dinner at 4:30, so we have to wait for them to get there at 6.

So, we talk .. it's all rather tame compared to normal family gatherings. Everyone else finally makes it there ... at 6 ... for the dinner we were supposed to have at 5 ... apparently I'm special.

So, dinner went smoothly .. amazingly enough. After dinner everyone was too full to have dessert, so we talked a while and then decided to make my sister play the piano, since she just bought a new baby grand. She totally missed the orders to play and was going for the apple pie .. because she is an apple pie freak. We can NEVER have a family meal without it, or she will fuss for weeks after. We stopped her and sent her to the piano amidst all her whining and grumbling about how she was gonna have dessert.

While she played, I handed the pie off to the other sister, who dutifully went and hid it ... and we all sang a very quiet chorus of "no more pie, no more pie" to the tune of Joy to the World. *smiles sweetly* we sang quietly, 'cause honestly ... we're all scared of her. When she was little, she would leap off of the furniture and land on people's heads to beat on them if they made her mad ... nobody wants to see her do that now that she's grown up. Well .. I want to see it .. but nobody else does *grins*

When she finished playing, we all scattered .. 'cause .. yanno .. the pie was gone. *giggles* She finally had her pie ... and we (the kids *ahem*) played a game of SkipBo.

the players are my sisters, Blondie and Teacher, Me, Munchkin and Teacher's boyfriend, TooTall.

Blondie: Ok since Kay doesn't remember how to play because she's getting old. You have 4 piles of cards, you have to play your cards 1 to 12 on each pile. you can have up to 4 discard piles, which you can play off of, but only the top card.

Kay: Gimme the instructions.

Teacher: Blondie knows how to play.

Kay: But I can't remember.

Blondie: 'cause you're old.


Teacher: Blondie and Munchkin play by their own rules.

Kay: I know, that's why I want the instructions.

TooTall: Is this a good Christmas game? 'cause we're still gonna be here then.

Teacher: *whaps TooTall then looks at me* Ok, how do we play.

Kay: Ok, you have 4 piles.

Blondie: That's what I said!

Kay: Yes, but you weren't getting through ... 'cause you're airy.

~Blondie just grabs the cards and starts dealing, counting to 20~

Kay: *talks over Blondie's counting* Okay, you have FOUR play piles in the middle of the table, up to FOUR discard piles, 20 cards in a pile, FIVE in your hand at all times,

~meanwhile blondie is losing count~ *giggles*

I finally just tossed the instructions 'cause I remembered how to play .. and we got on with it.

TooTall: Did you shuffle the cards?

Blondie: Well yes, aren't your cards shuffled?

TooTall: Well you tell me *shows his cards ... all the same color*

Teacher: Oh for heaven's sake, give me the cards *confiscates everyones cards, gives half to me, and we shuffle and start over ... she deals the cards this time while we all accuse her of counting cards*

Blondie: Okay I go first!

She plays her cards, we get around the table and everyone gets to play one time before it turns into a free for all. Our parents and grandparents know better than to try to play with us, so they're just watching and interjecting comments as we go on about how long it's going to take to play this game. Teacher took forever to play her hand ...

Kay: Oh for heaven's sake .. Either you have a 5, 7 or 6 or you don't .. sheesh.

Munchkin: Yanno, the rest of us would LIKE to play, if you don't mind.

Blondie: I thought you taught math?!

TooTall: Do you need to borrow some of my cards?

It gets back to Blondie's turn ....


Kay: You do realize this is SkipBo, not brain surgery, right?

Munchkin: Wake me when it's my turn.

I threw a wadded up piece of paper at Teacher, 'cause I was bored, Blondie finished her turn and passed on to Munchkin, who also took forever to play, Teacher grabbed her cards and played for her, Munchkin threw the wadded up piece of paper at me, I threw a piece of apple pie crust at her ... and the game went on pretty much like that for an hour.

We're such a loving family :) But yep .. pretty tame all in all ... for our family anyway.