Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Wednesday stuff

I make donations to the Arbor Day Foundation when I can, because I'm all for helping the planet heal itself. So, sometime during the winter I made my donation and actually made the decision to accept the trees they send as a thank you. Ten trees and a crepe myrtle. They came today! They're cute little twigs ... all 11 came in a bag together. I was thinking of building a little hut out of them. A tiny hut. Like, for a bug or something, teehee.

In other news, my daughter had decided to change the cat's name, yet again. This time, she's changed it to Ryuuutarunga Argakongatangaflurgle. The cat seems to like it, which is just proof positive that she's brain dead, as I suspected from the beginning.

Pookie also had her first swimming lesson yesterday. I went to the indoor track to walk while she was down there, since it's right next door, and walked until I was sweating like some kind of farm animal. There was still about 15 minutes left of her swim lesson, so I drug myself next door to the observation deck at the pool, thinking I could cool down a bit before we left. Yeah, right. It was 973 degrees in there. The entire place was like a sauna. The water must have been boiling or something. I was panting like an obscene phone call by the time I got out of there. In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to stay there while I waited, seeing that I have a pretty horrid heat intolerance, but .. eh. whatever. The parents came pouring out of there when the lessons were over and all of us looked like we'd been out in the sun for about a week .. sweat pouring off of us and beet red. So, yeah .. from now on the kid is on her own. I'm going to the lobby to read while I wait for her. ;)


Paula said...

Yea Pookie!! Swim swim swim chickie!

Yeah Sis.. humid and hot at the pool area.. not a good cooldown area. lol

*smooches* Love you bunches!

Paula said...

As for the cat's name... ummm.. yeah.. I got nothing for that. *giggles*

heathersister said...

I hate indoor pools!

I am going to put the cats name in the speak and spell and see what it has to say! (What is she thinking for her first born).

Divine Chaos said...

I have no idea what she's thinking of for her first born ... and, I'm afraid to ask lol